• Comes with removable tray for quick access to small tools and accessories
  • Side latches allow connectivity for easy carrying and safe stacking
  • Built-In wide handle for easy and stable portability

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Questions people have asked owners of the TSTAK™ VI

  1. Daniel asked on
    Are these sizes internal or external?
    1. Iain replied on
      I've just taken a look at the dewalt home page and would be 99% certain they are external measurements...
  2. bRIAM asked on
    1. Iain replied on
      Hi, I can't comment on your specific question, but I'm sure if you measure the h×w×d of your circular saw, you will be able to identify the best tstak box. I do highly recommend them as a tool box and stacking system
  3. Gerry asked on
    Where can I find the insert tote tray. My drill box didn't come with one.
    1. Iain replied on
      I purchased my set from Tool Stop. I'm sure they offered all component parts individually. Give them a try or Google the item. All the best!
  4. F asked on
    I got an 18v kit in two of these boxes, neither came with the tray inside. Anyone know where I can buy just the tray? I've searched online but everywhere seems to just sell them with the box.
    1. Wheeler replied on
      Had a quick search, can't find any seperately - inc ebay.
      The tool box is £20 without and £34 with.. may be worth looking at the DWST1-70705 - deep drawers £30 or DWST1-70706 - shallow drawers £33
  5. Andreas asked on
    Hello! I'm getting the dewalt circular saw 18v. Does anyone using this box to store the dewalt saw? Thanks A
    1. Iain replied on
      Hi there, I can't comment on storing the circular saw, but I am thoroughly impressed with the tstak boxes. They get daily use and are bundle in and out of my van 4 or 5 times a day. Very strong and great design.
  6. Frank asked on
    Where can i purchase the foam insert for the TSTAK™ VI DWST1-71195 that houses the Dewalt DCS371N.


    Frank Kent.
    1. Iain replied on
      Hi Frank, from memory the foam inserts were available from the outlet where I purchased my tool boxes... tool stop or tool station? Try a quick Google search and you should find them. About £12 each I think.