18V XR Li-Ion Brushless 2 Speed Framing Nailer
18V XR Li-Ion Brushless 2 Speed Framing Nailer


  • 18V XR Li-Ion Two Speed Framing Nailer featuring BRUSHLESS motor technology and XR 5.0Ah battery packs
  • Two speeds - or power levels - to optimise the nailer for firing all lengths of nails
  • Benefit from longer runtime, quicker readiness to fire, less recoil and more durability when firing short nails

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Questions people have asked owners of the 18V XR Li-Ion Brushless 2 Speed Framing Nailer

  1. Neil asked on
    I have a DCN692 but it only fires every so often but the motor run and just doesn't fire, the first nail might go in and that is it! I have replaced the springs service kit but still no use!!
    1. Shaun replied on
      Is it on bump fire or single fire ? Bump fire should be continuous firing of nails. Mind you I had problems with misfires etc and now have a Paslide
  2. Kyle asked on
    Speed 2 on my dcn692 stopped working or just stays in speed 1. Why is it doing that? It was fine before. Only had the gun for 1 month
    1. Nicolas replied on
      Hi Kyle had my 2 guns nearly 3 years had no problem and have lots of hard use Get it checked under warranty even thou that can be inconvenient
  3. Ken asked on
    I’m planning on building a garden shed for myself & one for my son as diy ‘r ( retired ). I’m looking for a nail gun to do this suitable for framing & feather edge cladding, also for other general garden / diy projects. Which is the best all round dewalt nailer to do this, the framing or the 2nd fix nailer .
    1. Paul replied on
      You need a framing nailer. I'd go for a Hitachi Nr90GC2 over this. I sold it as it is heavy and not as good as gas nailers.
    2. Marcus replied on
      Hi the dewalt first fix nailed fires 50mm to 90mm nails the second fix gun fires not only a shorter nail but a thinner one i have both and think they are the best nailers by a mile don't bother with any other make I've tried them all and they are nowhere near as good they have both been faultless
  4. Rob - CGS asked on
    I'm looking at one of these for fencing work using the 50mm hot dipped galv nails - currently using a compressor and bostitch gun and 30m of pro hose - need to downsize the amount of kit I take out and also be a little more flexible in bad weather. Unsure if this dcn692 is the right option but believe going to the 6.0 flex volt XR batteries solves the problems also use mostly dewalt cordless gear so seems like a sensible switch - feedback from fencing contractor would be great also on other brands of nails to use ??
    1. mark replied on
      It's a brilliant bit of kit and use it for all my feather edge boards, rails, gravel boards. Everything in fact.. I've used all the generations of paslode guns and the dewalt is far superior. I've found all after market nails work but I have also found it best to buy the more expensive ones as some of the cheaper ones go rusty very quickly. I can not recommend this highly enough and as yet I have had no problems at all but with the extended warranty I'm not too bothered if there is, as I know I can send it back to be fixed.
  5. Taylor81Made asked on
    hi, I'm looking to expand my dewalt tool collection, working back on the roofs and timber frame kits, been a paslode user most my adult working life but swaying to try the new dewalt nail gun, not a lot of positive reviews about it on line, can anyone help me make my mind up??
    1. David replied on
      I still prefer my dewalt nailer,bad points are it's slightly heavier than a paslode, firing mechanism isn't as instant,good points it works, if you think it's too heavy use 2ah batteries they last long enough
    2. billy replied on
      Never had any problems
  6. Graham asked on
    Will it take Firmahold Paper collated clipped head 3.1 x 90mm nails
    1. Harley replied on
      Yes I do beleave so I have used the paper ones
  7. PAUL asked on
    1. denisas replied on
      yes its have 3 years warranty but you need to register on dewalt website. dewalt batteries have one year warranties on them
  8. Andy asked on
    Thinking of trading for pas load is this a good idea. ?
    1. Bri replied on
      No, it uses gas at extra cost, swop for dewalt there superb