Grease Gun
18V XR Li-Ion Grease Gun


  • Performs routine lubrication up to twice as fast as a manual grease gun
  • 690 bar (10,000 PSI) output pressure with a flow rate of 147g per minute
  • Delivers high pressure to clear clogged fittings

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Questions people have asked owners of the DeWalt DCGG571M1

  1. Kwok asked on
    Can I get a metal extension pipe for hard to reach areas for the grease gun?
    1. neville replied on
      Hi. I have not looked for one but if you get one with the same thread fitting for the end i carnt see why not. I changed the original end for a g coupler end and it works a treat and makes it alot easier. Good luck.
  2. Dennis asked on
    Is the trigger speed variable?
    1. David replied on
      Yes it is. The more you press it the faster it pumps.
  3. Calum asked on
    What size cartridges does it take and can it use lithium grease
    1. neville replied on
      it uses normal grease cartridges and I have not tried lithium grease and I should think it does as its grease. the cartridges are the same as you would put in a manual grease gun. hope this helps.
  4. Michael asked on
    What is the thread size at the outlet, I need to fit a flow meter inline to measure the amount of grease doses in grams and need to know what size thread it is to get the correct adaptor.
    1. Dave replied on
      1/8 bsp taper
  5. Jim asked on
    can you limit the amount of grease per delivery?
    1. CUNNIN replied on
      The shorter amount of time you have the trigger pressed the lesser the amount of grease dispensed
      I find it excellent for excavators and general plant applications
  6. Paul asked on
    Does the grease gun have metal gears or plastic?
    1. Dave replied on
      I'm unsure sorry. Whatever it has is good quality and has stood up well without fault.
    2. CUNNIN replied on
      Don't know if it has plastic or metal gears I have used my one a lot and had no issues whatsoever. 3 year warranty is great also if you register the tool online